We’re strengthening Milwaukee’s workforce through arts internships that help teens develop career skills.

ArtWorks offers three tiers of programming for high school students.

Tier 1

Tier 2

Tier 3

ArtWorkers Club is a multi-week program that engages high school students in learning about their creativity and how it relates to a specific career path by completing assignments and creating a portfolio. Each week, participants will learn a different art form while relating it to 21st century skills.

Interns are offered a real-life job experience in eight or more weeks, complete with professional expectations, goal-setting, and self-assessments. The professional lead artist receives training in 21st century skills to integrate them effectively into the program curriculum.

Seeking to offer more ways for youth to engage and develop their skills, ArtWorks has created a Tier 3 program for interns who have completed the Tier 2 internship. The focus of the Tier 3 internship is on arts entrepreneurship and continued development and practice of 21st century skill development.

100 + Teens Engaged Each Year
2000+ Hours of Skill Development
88% of interns increased their belief that they can make a difference in their community
“It’s not just that “I want to do this” — you need to know the “how to,” so now I can do it.”

Steven, Intern Alum